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"We have sold different brands of Stitching Wire since we started our business in 1997. In January 2008, when we switched Stitching Wire vendors to WCJ Pilgrim Wire, we noticed that our customers seemed to be happier than ever, which makes us as a dealer happier than ever. I have been told by many of our customers that WCJ Wire runs much easier and is a much cleaner running wire than the previous brands of wire that we have sold in years past. Better Quality Stitching Wire, means less wear on Stitcher Head Parts and more productive running time. As a result of switching to WCJ Wire, we have been able to continue in the successful growth of our company."

- Chris S., Owner, Bindery Parts, Inc.

"We received the 0.0230 wire yesterday. It was a life saver!!! Thank You for your courteous and willing service to get this right. We at Timken RBS appreciate the assistance of individuals that are a good reflection of their company. Thank You for going the extra mile !!!"

- Montie Sanders, Leading Global Manufacturer

WCJ Wire is Hiring